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About Us

In today's increasingly challenging financial environment, financial service businesses must be agile and forward thinking in order to best serve the customers that need them most. At SBTP, we're dedicated to meeting that challenge head-on.

Founded by Shreiff Benaziza and Tom Parks in protest at a poor experience at the hands of a short-term credit provider, SBTP is a consolidated financial services group built around a consumer credit focus, which continually strives to offer fair, transparent and flexible access to credit and other targeted financial services for private individuals in Europe.

Our Brand Promise:
Put The Customer At The Heart Of What We Do

  • To responsibly provide access to credit and other financial services for everyone that needs them most.
  • To offer clear, fair and transparently priced products and services at all times.
  • No hidden fees or other unethical practice, regardless of legal or regulatory loopholes. Ever.
  • To innovate to meeting the ever-changing needs and behaviours of our customers - across all financial service sectors.
  • To be technology led - fast-paced change demands practice and forward-thinking consumer credit solutions.